Harts Pass No. 410

Hard to ignore the wild fire smoke right now. Both from an "I'm living here" standpoint, and from the fact that for three years running the first several weeks of our fall XC running season (coaching for my part) have been compromised by at least 3-8 days of unhealthy air quality. This is not normal. It is not acceptable. The policy makers of the world need to wake up and pull their hands out of Big Oil and corporate-interest pockets. Its not all supposed to be about money and greed. It should not be a business-first kind of world. They need to start thinking more critically and with long-term vision about the health and well fare of the American people. GRRR!


Harts Pass No. 409

Pretty much how I've been operating of late. There is an outward projection (hopefully calm and collected)... and an internal chaos that hard to ignor. GRRR! #wolverinesarepeopletoo


Harts Pass No. 407 & 408

UHG! The wildfire smoke from Canada and local sources is hitting us HARD! Atmospheric particular matter (PMI) readings in the 400's today -- which is among the highest on the planet right now according to the air quality index listing at PurpleAir.com... We've had intermittent smoke and good/bad days over the two weeks since the first strip, but it has been consistently worse just to our south. The lack of air movement is layering it in all around and there is no real change in site. Stay inside if you can. The wolverines and other critters have far fewer options. GRRR!


The most awesome POLAR OPPOSITES reading ever!

OK, I don't really haunt the YouTubes looking for my books, but in a random search today I came across this POLAR OPPOSITES reading by the incredibly awesome Sauda for the YouTube channel, ABC Read, ABC Learn. It doesn't look like Sauda does too many of their other readings, but this one I definitely had to share. Enjoy!

Harts Pass No. 406

The strip pretty much says it all. Tim's JalapeƱo chips are totally addictive. GRRR!

Harts Pass No. 405

It seems to me that free time is filled with too many practical and objective pursuits these days. I mean, its one thing if you're older and using that time to pursue a passion or to get on track with some other thing that leads to something else, and I'm all for a high bar and goals and drive... but for kids - especially kids of a younger age - they really don't need to be getting ahead on next year's school work with their summer time lazy days. Relaxed is relaxed, a wandering mind is good. A laser focus on the "next thing" or some sort of objective lesson with literally EVERY activity will only wear you down before your time.