Mom-Tested! Leonard Marcus Selected. Fuse #8 Directed.

My almost daily scan of ├╝ber librarian Fuse #8's blog brought a pleasant surprise this morning...
Boo's Dinosaur was selected by Leonard Marcus and the Moms at Parenting Magazine, as one of their Best Books for 2006 !

Granted, the Fuse's tone is characteristically edgy -- and she is, me thinks, not whole heartedly supportive of the Parenting Magazine/Mr. Marcus selections, but from where I stand any national-type exposure for a book that I've worked on is a pretty nice thing :)

5 degrees this morning when I took out the garbage. A fine bit o' news to warm me up.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations from a former Methow Valley resident.

fusenumber8 said...

I've nothing against Boo's Dinosaur, however. But Amelia Bedelia? A best book of the year? Really? Really really?

Erik Brooks said...

Fun to hear at random from a former Methow Valleyite. Quite a small place so I love the odds :)

Much obliged to Fuse #8 as well for her kind words. Agreed!