Gaaa! POLAR OPPOSITES is out yesterday!

OMG! Amidst a slough of other activity -- the first week of school, painting soup bowls for the Room One Auction, drawing comics, and putting the finishing touches on Who Has These Feet?, I totally forgot to mention my new book WHICH CAME OUT YESTERDAY!

Polar Opposites (Marshall Cavendish, 9.1.2010) is finally in the mix! Hoorah! Already some kind words from Kirkus Reviews, who call it a "refreshing change from traditional opposites books" but why take their word for it when you can have one of your very own :)

I'll celebrate the "one day late" announcement with this early sketch of Alex and Zina. They've changed a bit in the final art, but not too much. Enjoy!


crowther said...

Hurray! Any chance you'll get to Seattle for a reading? I'd love to bring Phil!

Erik Brooks said...

A fine idea Greg :) I'm working on it. Currently slated for a less kid-friendly (mostly for librarians and booksellers) Seattle event in late October, so I'm hopeful to set something up in and around that visit. I'll keep you posted!

You could also go Christmas shopping in Leavenworth on December 18th and catch me at A Book for All Seasons, or come to the Mazama Community Center on October 22nd :)

Wendy Wahman said...

Congratulations Erik! This looks like a wonderful book. Is your less-than-kid-friendly event in Seattle, Inside Story? I hope to go. Promise we will be super friendly and supportive :-)
(author/illustrator of, "Don't Lick the Dog")