A Little House in the Big Woods!

After nearly a year of working at it, my family and I have finally moved in to our new house. We didn't "build" it, but we did contribute quite a bit of sweat equity to the building process. Being somewhat handy with a paint brush, it seemed that the least we could do was paint and varnish...Painting the walls, ceilings etc. wasn't so bad. Three layers of acrylic finish on untold miles of trim, windows, and doors pretty much took us to task!

Still, we moved in last weekend and it is REALLY nice. Of course, in this particular setting a tent is also really nice :)

I'll post a photo or two of the new studio space when I finally get set-up, and THEN I can really get back to work on some art!


M. Spalding said...

What a beautiful house in such a breathtaking setting. Congratulations on your new home!

roz said...

How gorgeous in such a storybook setting. Very appropriate!

Anonymous said...

nice house!!hope you enjoy in your new house