Thank You!

There are several upsides to living 4 hours from Seattle. Perhaps the most tangible downside however (from the children's book makers perspective), is that I am so far from events and concentrated numbers of people. It cuts both ways. Thankfully, I don't mind driving. There is a certain bliss to cruising down the highway, taking in the mountain scenery and following the winding river valleys to and fro. I have plenty of time to "chill out" and process as I go.

In this case, reflection  is easy. I was pretty jazzed the whole way home :) Thanks VERY much to everyone who attended the SCBWI Western Washington monthly meeting last night. It was great fun for me to share my "10 years in the biz" and I was more than pleased that many of you stayed and that most seemed to enjoy the talk. Three cheers for another 10 years!

As tribute to said visit, here is Boo giving her introduction -- enjoy!

p.s. This is my first ever video post. Please forgive the learning curve if the size or quality seem somehow "off". Ciao.


Craig Orback said...

It WAS really great.

Nice seeing you. Whenever you are on this side of the mts we should try to do something and talk shop. Maybe a hike in the spring/summer?


Traci Bixby said...

Hi Erik! I really enjoyed your talk last night. Congrats on 10 years. Both of my daughters still enjoy Boo's Dinosaur! It's slightly tattered and well loved! You definitely give many of us that inspiration to keep going and trying!

Martha Brockenbrough said...

Erik, your talk was great fun. Thanks for making the drive, and for teaching and entertaining us all.

Anonymous said...

Erik, you are a pro! That was a fabulous presentation for writers and illustrators alike, which is no easy feat. I've been low on kinetic energy lately, so I'm trying to remember to focus on the potential. ;) Thanks for the inspiration!

Erik Brooks said...

Thanks very much everyone. SCBWI Western Washington does such a wonderful job that the bar was set pretty high. Looking forward to being on the receiving end of more inspiring talks at the April regional meeting!