Its Official: The Polar Opposites Book Jacket!

Creating a book jacket is a combination of sketches, editorial input, marketing mojo, and designer execution. I'll start with thumbnail sketches like this:
Progress to this:
And it'll all come through the other side looking something like this:
Yahoo! Welcome to the world Alex and Zina!


crowther said...

I think a LOT of those initial ideas are cool! Any chance a publisher will let you offer four different covers someday to stir up interest, the way certain magazines do nowadays?

Erik Brooks said...

If you're a luminary like Eric Carle (The Very Hungry Caterpillar etc.) certain publishers will let you redo the art for an entire book! How cool would that be to re-edition something with a new perspective 20+ years later :)

Lisa M Griffin said...

I LOVE seeing the creative process. So this particular post for me was a dose of morning eye candy. The book looks wonderful, thanks for sharing.