Harts Pass no. 502

So one of the MANY lame excuses that I have for slow uploads to my site this fall is that I teach full time, coach after school, and have a kid in school of my own who I am trying hard not to ignore before she ever so quickly jumps the ship and heads out into the world on her own. Covid school is pretty OK for us here. 2 days per week of in-person instruction and then another 3 days at home. The school gets sanitized on WED but as teachers we are in the building M/T and TH/FRI. Most kids are "hybrid" but some are fully remote for various reasons. It's a juggle for sure. A MAJOR juggle! But is WAY better than last spring's fully remote for all and we're just about to start week no. 9 with no Covid activity on campus. Onward and upward!

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