Presidential Polar Bear Post Card Project No. 279 - 11.10.16

Alright, head out of my disappointed butt, and back on it! Hopefully President Obama is seeing these... or at the very least he might someday see them as a collection when he catches up on all of his Presidential mail. That being said, he DEFINITELY needs to remove the originals from the White House because this entire hopeful act of sending original art and advocating for further protections in the Arctic will no doubt fall on deaf ears with the next administration. 

However, taking the higher road and since education IS absolutely in need... I am committed to skewing the next several months of post card submissions towards facts and figures about climate change. It's my recommendation that the President and staff make photo copies and hide them around the White House. You know, taped to the mirror in the Lincoln bedroom, tucked into books or hidden in lampshades of the Oval Office. That kind of stuff. Perhaps if the new President sees enough of this info presented in sort of a cartoon, kid-friendly format, it will start to sink in. PS I'll be sure to give the bear some stereotypical "smart kid" glasses and other props that are easy to digest. Given the President elects predilection for stereotypes and quick judgements, this should only help with the assimilation of information...

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