Presidential Polar Bear Post Card No. 35 - 12.4.15

December 5th is National Ninja Day (at least according to the good folks at All the Wonders and others I'm sure - I just haven't checked) and the Polar Bear Post Card Project is getting in on the act!

In this particular scenario, the massive adults of the world (IE the 150 nations currently meeting in Paris to create some consensus on economic and environmental policy regarding climate change) need to "bear" down and get their act together to keep the world from totally falling apart.

THAT way, the our youngest kids and cubs can busy themselves with creative, imaginative, and age-appropriate scenarios of awesomeness - rather than worry about their world slipping quickly into something decidedly worse and unrecognizable or untenable.

Ironically -- especially since this pairing of National Nina Day with these post cards was pretty random -- the following philosophy of the Ninja from the Bujinkan Kocho Dojo is pretty much just about perfect for the action needed on climate change:

A ninja, using the power of his spirit to see through the fears and illusions that would coerce lesser people into doing unjust and immoral things, can realize the harmonious playing out of the forces of the universe and act accordingly.

And so it goes. Polar Bear Ninjas for Climate Change!

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