Scholastic Audio Polar Opposites!

OK, I just finished listening to the 4:31 Scholastic Audio recording of POLAR OPPOSITES. I was skeptical at first, it was really pretty nice :) These arrived in the mail about 10 days ago, but I really could't bring myself to listen. Its a short book, and the story is shared pretty evenly between the words and the pictures -- You HAVE to see the artwork in order to understand the story.

But you know what? They did right. There are some fine "Tinkerbell-style" charms to indicate page turns. Paced just about right for a child to read the simple sentences in concert the audio AND still have a moment or two to take in the art. The sound quality is great. Very professional with both the narrator's voice and some short snippets of background music suited to the story - and there is even some additional whimsy with an audio effect or two - IE some lip-smacking when Alex and Zina enjoy their breakfast, and a well placed grunt and groan as they both push and pull their luggage along the ice.

All-in-all a pleasant surprise :) Thanks Scholastic, for making a fine day even better!


Craig Orback said...

Very cool. Congrats!

Nivea Gomes said...

I must say my students love to listen to the CD version after we finish reading the story together! The CD added a new twist to our second and third readings!

Erik Brooks said...

Thanks very much Niva. Not sure if you'll see this reply, but its great that your kids enjoyed the CD... AND that it led to extra reading of the book :)