Harts Pass No. 163

It's still a little unclear to me, but in response to Governor Inslee's recent ATV safety legislation -- which requires registration, helmets, and a 16 year old age-limit for drivers -- I believe that the Okanogan County Commissioners tried to grandfather in a whole mess of county roads that would therefore circumvent the 35 mph speed limit clause. While new legislation would otherwise have these roads off-limits to ATV use the 11th hour petition by the commission somehow makes them legal...

While I'm NOT really sure that this will alter the character of Methow Valley roads and towns, it DOES smack of really poor politicking by the County Commissioners. Both Winthrop and Twisp recently denied petitions from a county ATV club to allow ATVs on city streets -- and yet mere days and weeks later the Commissioners have crafted and implemented a end-around to both city council decisions. For a relatively conservative group that would seem to support "get the government out of my life" ideals -- they have all but ignored the idea of local control -- and ought to have stayed out of it.

At least the 18th annual Methow Valley Chamber Music Festival will be music to our ears!

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