Who Has These Feet? in today's Seattle Times

Librarian Stephanie Dunnewind has a nice things to say about Who Has This Tail? and 6 other locally connected books in today's Seattle Times:

7 books for kids with Northwest connections | Books | The Seattle Times

"A peacock is an easy one, but young readers might have a harder time answering “Who Has This Tail?” (Henry Holt, 40 pp., ages 2-4) as they look at the ends of other creatures in the newest picture book offering by author Laura Hulbert and illustrator Erik Brooks, who lives in Winthrop. Brooks shows a tail — some bushy, some scaly — against a white background, and then the whole animal in its habitat on the next page. A simple sentence explains how the tail is used, but the highlight is the detailed illustrations."

Ad 'em all to your Holiday shopping list and support your local bookstore!

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