Mid-winter School Visits


Thank you to Nooksack, Everson, Machais, and Lakes Elementary schools for four excellent days of school visits last week. I am home again in my studio -- fueled by your enthusiasm -- and ready to work! I've said it before, but I love these trips -- in large part because the interaction boils books and storytelling down to their most basic and fundamental charge: books (stories, words, and pictures) are a medium of expression. An Art. A communication. A shared experience between the creator and the audience, the reader and the listener. A gift to both.

We all tell stories, and in some fashion or another, we should. It's fun. It's hard. It's worth it. It makes us better people. A community of reader, writers, and artists. We laugh, cry, cringe, inspire... K-6, 7-12, infinity and beyond. Stories are the original social network. Keep it simple. Tell one. Listen to many. Live and in person best of all. 

I only remembered my camera on a few occasions during the week, but here you go:

A tiger-shark-panda. Ferocious! Remember to read Everson!

The beautiful silk banners at Everson. Designed and painted by kids during another artist's workshop last year (not me!).

My sweet artistic digs at the Kale House B&B. Art on the walls. A comfy bed. Excellent food and company at breakfast!

Daughter/Mother artists (and Kale House owners) Cori and Bonnie Litorja.

 And finally, some fine hallway decor at the Machias "Day of the Arts!"


Anonymous said...

Hello Erik! Thank you for coming to Everson Elementary. You were fantastic! My first graders are writing away. They all have animal characters, inspired by yours, and they are so busy making good stories. I'll send you some copies when they finish. We all enjoyed your visit very much. Kim Brandt

Erik Brooks said...

Thanks very much Kim. I just opened a great packet of letters/drawings from Lisa Shafer's class and I'm so glad to hear that everyone enjoyed the visit. It was a pleasure visiting all at Everson!