Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears

Lots of penguin news in the studio this week:

On Tuesday I attended an excellent talk on Emperor Penguin diving research by Dr. Torre Stockard. Zina, my character in Polar Opposites, is much more like an Adelie penguin than an Emperor (smaller and a bit less colorful as penguins go) but it's always inspiring to learn more about such the world at large from those that really dig in deep.

And then yesterday afternoon, someone sent me an elementary school-aged science resource in connection to the book as well. The irony, of course, is that Beyond Polar Bears and Penguins wants to get past these two charismatic and appealing creatures and expose students to the many other fascinating things about these extreme polar worlds. For that, I applaud them, and it looks like a terrific site. Still, at least I have my penguins living in the southern hemisphere, and penguins ARE a great springboard into Antarctic studies :)

PS Did you know that penguins have square pupils?

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