Library "Lynx" to Literacy

It is my great pleasure to announce a recent collaboration with the North Central Regional Library System. After two wonderful stints on the summer reading tour, I've now put paint to paper and provided them with a series of character drawings for their latest literacy initiative. I'll post the more official and complete materials when the layout and design is complete, but now you've seen two :)


lcprice said...

Hello Mr. Brooks. My name is Lisa. I am a University of British Columbia student. I am currently working on creating a Wiki for one of my Teacher Librarian Diploma courses and came across your Library Lynx artwork. Ironically, my Wiki's name is Librarian Lynx. I thought I was being cute and funny. Apparently you got to it first. That being said, I was wondering if I could use your Lynx reading a book and your lynx using a computer on my Wiki page, as it fits so nicely with my theme. I will be sure to give you credit, and i would love to add a link to your blog as well.

Thank you for your time,
Lisa Price, BA, BEd

Unknown said...

Hello Mr. Brooks, My name is Julie. I am a librarian/teacher in Alaska. Our school mascot is the lynx. I came across your wonderful artwork with lynx using the computer and reading as I am working on creating my website for our families to have reading and internet activities during our school closure because of the covid-19 concerns. May I use those two images on my website and paper reading logs that will be available to our parents? I am not using them for profit. I will give you credit and also post a link to your site as well.

Julie Sullivan
Librarian, Meadow Lakes Elementary, Wasilla, AK
Matanuska Susitna Borough School District, Wasilla AK