Art-Away No. 1

It's been a busy start to the new year, but I'm finally ready to kick off my Art Exchange for 2010*. This version, somewhat different than  before, is officially christened THE ART-AWAY! No "exchange" required this year. 

Once every two weeks - thanks to these eco-friendly yellow birch postcards from Night Owl Paper Goods - I'll be mailing out a piece of art. Where will the paintings go? Nobody knows. Friends & family? Editors? Fellow authors & illustrators? YOU?

Anyone could fall victim to this dastardly plan! 

* After 2+ months of dragging tail, I'll be cranking things out just a little more quickly to get on schedule. Technically, Art-Away No. 6 should be mailed on March 26th. However, it might take another week or two to catch up.


Night Owl Paper Goods said...


WOW! You are incredibly talented! And what a lovely, generous and unique way to share your talent with the world!

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your random acts of kindness!

Erik Brooks said...

Dear Night Owl P.G.,

I'm impressed with your ability to stumble across this, AND thankful for your gracious comments :)

The postcards took multiple layers of gesso and gouache very nicely, and I'm excited to get busy on Art-Aways no. 2 and 3!

Night Owl Paper Goods said...

It's our pleasure! We look forward to seeing the pics once they're in flight! Hoot hoot!