Wonder Schools! Part 1

My week started off with a 5:30am rousting and just possibly the most gorgeous school visit drive of my life! I sauntered down the Methow under cover of darkness, filled up with gas in the 16 degree chill of Brewster, WA, and rose up out of the Columbia River Valley into early light and long shadows. Some inspiring color in the dryland grain farming NE of Waterville...

... and then a descent into Dry Falls /Sun Lakes -- a canyon carved out by the Ice Age Floods.

The students, teachers, staff, and parents at Grant Elementary School were just simply AWESOME! So friendly, creative and welcoming. Thank you all very much, and keep up the excellent work on your own writing and illustrating!

PS Click the school link above for a few additional photos of the visit -- for as long as they stay on the "News Paws" homepage anyway :)

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank you for all your wonderful ideas for my students. The kids really enjoyed your visit. Mr. White 3rd Grade Teacher Grant Elementary School