Cat Walk


Linda C said...

Hi Erik-
Are you a Carleton alumnus? My daughter will be a freshman there in the fall. We live in Nashville, TN and I have never even been to Minnesota. If you did go to Carleton, were you an art major there?

Your drawings are fabulous!

Erik Brooks said...

Thank you Linda :)

Right on both counts. I AM a Carleton alum ('90) and I was also a Studio Art major with an Educational Studies concentration (basically the Carleton teacher certification program). The Art department is small, but the faculty, and their attention to teaching, is first rate. A true "art school" education might have been a little more practical as my intial introduction to making a living as an artist, but I am thankful for my liberal arts education practically everyday.

Best wishes to your daughter as she graduates from high school and heads off to college in the fall. I hope that she is challenged and rewarded by her experience at Carleton as much as I was!

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