Chaos Reigns!

I've posted studio pictures before, but not since we moved into our new place about 18 months ago. It is very much an organized mess -- especially in the midst of a project like this -- but the following 3 pictures give a pretty fine idea of where I work!

The panoramic view, as taken from the lofty heights of our guest/dog futon. Writing, email, financeering happen on the left. More colorful pursuits on stage right... Lots of things hanging on the walls, tucked into/onto shelves etc. etc..

A tighter shot on "stage right". The table is quickly consumed by pencils, paints etc. and my attempts at good posture fly out the window. I hunch over the boards/paintings craddled in my lap. It is bright, however. No squinting in the dark.

And finally, the heads-up view from my chair. A few POLAR POLKA pics (mostly finished I think) clipped to the wall for reference. Note as well the pastel polar bear near the bottom right. This is one of my favorite experimental images from my first polar bear book. Much as I like the watercolor and ink that I've been using of late, I'd love to get back to that much looser pastel medium at some point!


June said...

I love seeing all your 'work in progress' around the studio. So exciting to see a book taking shape. Do you work on several spreads at the same time? I tend to do one at a time in no particular order, sometimes going back to tie all the same scenes together with touches of colour.

Thanks for inviting us in.


Paige Keiser said...

This is so inspiring, thank you!! Look at all that gorgeous work hung up together.

Organized chaos--I know it well.