The Polaboratory

Work ensues at a soon to be feverish pace for POLAR POLKA (Sasquatch, Spring 2008). There are other books to draw as well, but the PP deadline is fast approaching. Here is a cover mock-up that will not likely make the cut. I like it very much, but it's hard to know how these things will go...

Sasquatch has gone completely freelance with it's design staff of late, so no one aside from little old me will really "design" anything until they have all of the final art? I like having mucho influence in such a process, but then again it's also VERY nice to have some help. I'd love to hear what some opinions on this particular option. Cheers!

PS It's kind of a count down book for the pre-k set, thus option No. 2 with the screened-in numbers.

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