School Visits

Classroom visits are incredibly rewarding, and picture books are a powerful and accessible model of writing and artistic expression for students of all ages. Erik LOVES sharing ideas about the creative process, and considers good teaching as much a part of his job as making books.

Erik's visits include relevant topical information about his stories, the inside scoop on how a life-long love of art turned him into a writer, and some insights into how he works and tries out new ideas.

"I thought the presentation was outstanding and perfectly appropriate for our students. I was thinking back on the other authors that we had some years ago, and I think Erik was the best; he seemed to connect so naturally with the children."
- Twin Lakes Elementary

Over the last 16 years, Erik has visited individual classes, done assembly-style presentations to entire schools, and helped to facilitate district-wide writer's workshops. He is comfortable leading mini-drawing lessons (k-12) and is happy to discuss how this might fit into a visiting day.

• A central location
• A screen for the slide presentation
• An easel with paper or whiteboard (with appropriate markers)
• If students are drawing or writing, they will need a pencil or pen, several sheets of paper, a hard surface, and enough space to work comfortably.

Erik has a BFA and K-12 teaching certificate from Carleton College in Northfield, MN. When not working on books he visits schools and libraries, coaches xc running and skiing, and explores the world by foot & bike with his wife Sarah, daughter Keeley, and dog Max (who doesn't actually join them on bikes -- because if he DID there'd be a book about it!)

Daily $650. A full day is 4-5, 45-60 minute sessions. Fees are always negotiable. Travel and lodging arrangements are required for visits more than 2hrs from Winthrop, WA -- which is MANY places :)

To arrange a visit please contact by by phone or email 509.996.4345 or erik.s.brooks at

SKYPE VISITS! Check out my info at Online Author Visits but in general terms I charge $100 for a 45-60min session. Screen sharing is AMAZING and allows for great interactive slides plus live drawing demos in addition to the expected ability to video chat with your kids.