StorySki - Part III

This past Sunday was my final guided StorySki of the winter. Not that we are wrapping up the season anytime soon, but thank you so much to everyone that has been out on the trails (with me or otherwise) enjoying Polar Opposites with family and friends.

I've received many positive comments about the idea, but it wouldn't exist at all without the inspiration and financing of MVSTA and all that they do to support winter recreation here in the valley. A big thank you as well to my daughter for her own unique assistance with the event - and to Trail's End Bookstore for stocking signed copies of the book AND hosting the cookies and cocoa book signing on Sunday afternoon!

If you liked the StorySki, I'm excited to say that we'll be producing a StoryHike in similar fashion sometime this summer. I'll keep the book a secret for now, but stay tuned for additional info when the snow finally melts. Until then, ski on!

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