Harts Pass No. 330

Pure and simple: I need to keep some distance from the daily news barrage. I'll keep up on things for sure, but via small and measured doses and not so much in reaction to repeatedly crazy things...


Harts Pass No. 329

Warm thoughts for COLD days. And perhaps the pine bark beetle population will die off as well!


Presidential Polar Bear Post Card Project No. 310 - 12.23.16

And for Christmas eve... I have always liked the quiet contemplation of Silent Night - of something vast and large brought down to a small and intimate instance. We're an entire world full of connected community these days, people. Look for the common thread. Slow it down. Consider. Peace out!


Presidential Polar Bear Post Card Project No. 309 - 12.23.16

Another celebratory post card today -- for all things winter, polar, and Arctic! Happy Friday world and Merry Christmas! #wearethearctic #saveourseaice #snow #wintersolstice #merrychristmas


Harts Pass No. 328

I mean the snow was already falling here in Winthrop, WA... but last night it finally FELL!!! Nothing too crazy just yet, but the skiing was grand this afternoon and we'll be gliding for weeks to come! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Harts Pass Comics!


Presidential Polar Bear Post Card Project No. 308 - 12.21.16

A little bear hug dance to celebrate both the new protections for Arctic waters AND the winter solstice! #wearethearctic #saveourseaice #keepitintheground #grrr


Presidential Polar Bear Post Card Project No. 307 - 12.20.16

Today the President banned off-shore drilling in large portions of the Arctic and Atlantic oceans! In similar news, a large crowd of studied and stoic polar bears formed an ursine wall at the boundaries of Alaska's coastal plain. Good work Obama. Good work bears! #wearethearctic #saveourseaice #keepitintheground #advocate for #climateaction #climatechangeisreal #grrr


Presidential Polar Bear Post Card Project No. 306 - 12.19.16

"Electoral College Monday..."

I'll try to get a little more optimistic and festive for my final 9 cards of the project, but the Russian hack/"messing around with" of our elections/news cycle is disturbing. The last time I checked, big oil and the Russian oligarchy could pretty much care less about jobs for working class Americans, so the joke is pretty much on all of us - and sadly our political process. Its even more unfortunate that the president-elects is so scared of having his win questioned in any way that he reacts as he does, and it does NOT bode well for the next four years. I hope that the president-elect is held justly accountable for his assorted partnerships and deals. Someone else will have to actually rise up and fight for the little guy and all of the groups and issues soon to be marginalized by this new administration.


Presidential Polar Bear Post Card Project No. 305 - 12.16.16

... oh, and embarrassing or not as it may be to have a spelling error in your casual but dedicated communications to the President (see PPBpc No. 304 - and I'm sure that it's not the first time!) I'll leave you for the week with "SEND IT NO. 2 - Nordic style!" Dig in. Go big! And for the Obama family en route to Hawaii - Mele Kalikimaka.

Presidential Polar Bear Post Card Project No. 304 - 12.16.16

A humble admission here: I spelled the President's first name wrong on my last post card! "Blush" To wit, my apology post card. As an Erik with a 'k' I'm pretty comfortable with people spelling my name wrong -- but it does seem a little more embarrassing when you write to the President and you've already written him about 300 times. So it goes kids. This kind of stuff happens to the best of us. Do your best. Be as careful as you can - but sometimes fall victim to your enthusiasm :) Onward and upward!


Presidential Polar Bear Post Card Project No. 303 - 12.15.16

"Stay informed. Write letters or make phone calls on behalf of an issue that you care about."

- President of the United States, Barack Obama

Harts Pass No. 327

The constituent at Harts Pass is absolutely sure it will NEVER be happy with the President-elect. So apologies in advance if you tire of our thinly veiled attempts at political commentary. There will also be sarcasm... and at times wolverine-centric comical rage. GRRR!