Harts Pass No. 236

People are amazing... and just one small (but highly visible) part of the equation. 


Harts Pass No. 235

A silent shout. A stand. JE SUIS CHARLIE.


Harts Pass No. 234

A college classmate of mine keeps an excellent blog on this very subject. And you have to imagine that a hard working wolverine could sleep just about anywhere -- at any time of year. Here's to hard work and a few more naps in 2015!


Harts Pass No. 233

The last comic of the year, and if you can't already tell I'm antsy to make the first recycling run of the 2015.  WAY too much refuse gets generated in this final week of the year, but the intentions are basically good and there is a place for much of it to eventually find new use.

Stay tuned for another year of wolverine's & wild wisdom. Happy New Year!


Harts Pass No. 232

Ah, parents. We bring all sorts of baggage to the table -- good and bad -- for the holiday season. Lucky for us, the kids keep it sane with a certain naiveté of spirit. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


New Portfolio Pages!

Finally, after way too many years, I have published an update to my portfolio pages... and I actually have samples from recent books! By switching to Flickr as host, I get away from the more time consuming coding and javascript that was pretty much keeping me from adding new work to my old site... and this should be smoother all around with respect to flexible platforms for viewing. There are  a few ads scattered amongst the artwork for now, but I hope to eliminate those by sorting through their subscription plan in due course.

Click on the links above or find the portfolio link consistently listed in the "pages" near the top of this blog. I'll be adding additional items as we start the new year, but am excited to at long last be representing a broader cross-section of my work.



Harts Pass No. 231

There is, of course, a biological argument to be made for hibernation, but winter IS pretty great. Wolverines don't worry about this at all, but a quick question, do south American animals hibernate on the same seasonal cycle? I suspect that they do, but I'm going find out for sure. And as my daughter reminds me each recent morning, "only single digit days 'til Christmas!"


Harts Pass No. 230

This mid-December RAIN would have been a fine topic for the comic, but I can hardly stomach it. Better being fully distracted by too many other things in the next 2 weeks. Really looking forward to a few simpler days in celebration of Christmas. Cheers!


'Tis the season

Happy Holidays!

Or at least we're headed in that direction anyway. About 6 million things to do in the next three weeks, but I'm zeroing in on a holiday card image/mailing and I'm kind of excited about this snowboarding polar bear :) Back to the drawing table. Ride on!