Harts Pass no. 508


These next two comics speak for themselves... and I'm glad that they did! Onward and upward. There is work to be done!


Harts Pass no. 507

Among the MANY soon to be announced final hacks of the Trump administration, apparently wolverines DON'T require federal protection under the endangered species act. And neither do wolves... and neither do people really regarding current federal examples for Covid-19 protections.


Harts Pass no. 506

OK, here we go! A little late on the political cartoons but even without a crystal ball I'm willing to bet on this still being relevant.


Harts Pass no. 505

No way that we don't get tired of masks and social distancing, and not eating dinner at a friend's house... but we will! Snow in the mountains. Change is coming. One way or another its a shift in the routine. Even that small little bit is worth it right now. Stay safe out there!


Harts Pass no. 504


Another school-related post. Teacher dads are TOTALLY the best!


Harts Pass no. 503

Hmmm, I seem to oscillate back n' forth between depressing Covid news and depressing environmental science news... Perhaps I need to focus on making this comic a little more uplifting rather than relying so much on social commentary? Alas, its a personal exercise more than anything else. A little cathartic drawing is good for the soul!


Harts Pass no. 502

So one of the MANY lame excuses that I have for slow uploads to my site this fall is that I teach full time, coach after school, and have a kid in school of my own who I am trying hard not to ignore before she ever so quickly jumps the ship and heads out into the world on her own. Covid school is pretty OK for us here. 2 days per week of in-person instruction and then another 3 days at home. The school gets sanitized on WED but as teachers we are in the building M/T and TH/FRI. Most kids are "hybrid" but some are fully remote for various reasons. It's a juggle for sure. A MAJOR juggle! But is WAY better than last spring's fully remote for all and we're just about to start week no. 9 with no Covid activity on campus. Onward and upward!


Harts Pass no. 501

Hard to celebrate when you can't actually hug or kiss anyone... but we're not really sure that wolverines socialize like that anyway :) TEN YEARS OF HARTS PASS COMICS!!! (I must be getting old) GRRR!


Harts Pass no. 500

Wolverines in Rainier National Park! Pretty cool to see them showing up in new places (or at the very least finding them there), but traveling right now is kind of a nightmare. GRRR! Maybe next summer...


Harts Pass no. 499

On a slightly different topic, a bunch more wolves were killed in WA state recently. If all things Covid-related are new and different and unsettling, its good to know that the "same old same" old can also be unsettling...