B.E.A.R. Episode no. 5

A narrated "live drawing" demo of the first two "Daily Drawing" prompts from ART IS... This one is a little longer, but 'hey', that give us more time to talk about art. The drawing prompts for this episode were "home" and "rocket man". I can't wait to see what you post for these as well. Enjoy!

B.E.A.R. Episode no. 4

In this edition Mr. Brooks shares a few of his first drawings from the ART IS... enrichment packet. He also takes the chance to recreate his Pencil Portrait (prompt no. 2) in digital form. Watch for a few tips on shading and an approach to starting a simple pencil drawing. You can draw along or take a look and then try yours later. The description in BEAR no. 3 has a link to the ART IS... packet for anyone interested. The Liberty Bell HS/JRH Instagram page is @lbhs_art. Add the #artislbhs hashtag to posts of your own they will all collect in a "gallery" feed for us to enjoy. Keep making art!


B.E.A.R. Episode no. 3

A quick 5 minute chat about the paper arts packet that was sent out today, and some encouragement to play along! I will hope record my own first foray into these daily drawing prompts later today. It will (in all honesty) probably get posted tomorrow, because...

... we recently adopted a puppy! Expect to see LOTS of Quince drawings in the weeks ahead :)

Back in the EXCELLENT Art Room: Episode no. 2

In the episode I talk a little bit again about the value of making art, music as an inspiration, the fact that we ALL need to be patient with both ourselves and with others, and I draw some jazzy polar bears! Thanks for taking a look :)

Back in the Art Room: Episode no. 1

As some of you know, last year I started teaching art at my local HS/JRH. In just my second year I am still trying to strike that balance between my own creative work and teaching... but I DO whenever possible try to bring some of those freelancer ideas to my classroom. It's all kind of a scramble!

Given the recent suspension of school for six weeks staring last Tuesday, March 17th, we are entering brand new territory into the land of "arts enrichment" or some sort of extended alternative learning situation.

I've been working on an arts packet, ART IS... that I will share with my students starting Monday 3/23, and I am plan to post a few different videos each week (2-3 ideally) that will provide a supplement to the packet and  let me potentially continue the tenor of creative conversation that I am hopefully starting to have with these kids.

It's pretty much all an experiment, and to some degree not unlike the myriad Inktober, Illustration Friday and other creative online outlets that have existed for quite some time. That being said, I do hope that my students will give it all a try. 10 minutes a day.

Let's keep making art!

PS If you'd like a copy of the ART IS... packet yourself, feel free to download one here.

PPS GRRR! (as per usual)


Harts Pass no. 477

Wolverines may indeed have a few advantages when it come to social distancing -- they DO smell pretty bad, they DO live in wide open spaces, and they ARE a little mean and snarly -- thusly discouraging a lot of public interaction. For the rest of us however, being social is pretty normal. Now that we should  keep a little more space and distance between us its actually OK to snarl like a wolverine once in a while. If you say please and thank you, you can keep a comfortable distance, be firm but friendly, and do the greater public interest a lot of good. A lot of time just spent wandering the woods like a wolverine shouldn't hurt anything either. Be safe out there!


Harts Pass no. 476

Phew, what a difference a week makes... I'm a little late in posting last week's "daylight savings" strip, but in the face of our national Covid 19 crisis this seems like a lifetime ago. Please heed the thoughtful advice of the CDC, our forward thinking governors and others who are taking aggressive measures to slow the spread of this disease. Be safe out there!


Harts Pass no. 474

Great movie that "Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood." Mr. Rogers would definitely NOT approve of my sarcasm in this strip, but sometimes the wolverine needs to rip and shred a little...


Harts Pass no. 473

'Tis the sound bite season! TONS of catchy word play. LOTS of impossible promises. Try to cut through the noise and think about what a politician can actually accomplish given all of the layers of government (thankfully) and the odds that are stacked against him/her. And then ask yourself very pointedly what it it that a President is really supposed to represent. What IS the American dream? Why does this country exist? On what principles was it founded? Lets not pick a President based on fear and irrational ideology summed up in a sound bite (or an outright lie). Let's pick a President that actually has our Country's best interests at heart and not simply his/her own.


Elephant Haiku - 1.31.20

Catching up on the Elephant Haiku. I'll have a few more posted this weekend.

Harts Pass No. 472

Not to be overlooked, wolf OR-54 was recently found dead in northern California. As wolves will do, this ambitious female set out for new territory and famously traveled nearly 9,000mi. in search of a mate. Idaho to California and back again. Her father had done something vey similar in becoming very first wolf sighting in California for nearly 50 years. The beat goes on... GRRR!

Harts Pass No. 471

And then there are days like this. Or weeks. Or months. Or years it seems... GRRR!

Harts Pass No. 470

We all feel like this at one point or another... as Glenn Pudelka* used to say, "onward and upward!"

*Editor on my very first children's book. Not a reference that anyone will understand and thusly this :) Enjoy!


Elephant Haiku - 1.25.20

Not something that I dabble with lately, but in college and a little beyond even handstands and handstand walking were a good way to pass the time. And so it goes with elephants. Onward and upward, February awaits!


Elephant Haiku 1.20.20

I got a little behind on my #3perweek attempt, but I do like doing these when I get the chance. This one, completed late on MLK Day, is a good place to begin the week. We need some leadership these days - someone who is looking out for the greater prospects of humanity at large. And so it goes...

Harts Pass No. 468

A little at a loss for this one. I, for one, am happy about the depths of winter. It gets a bad rap. That being said I guess the wolverines and I are expressing just a little winter optimism as we head into the midst of the snowy season. Cheers!


Elephant Haiku 1.12.20

A little more light hearted, this one :) 3-4 more inches of snow here on the eastern slope of the Cascades. No elephants skiing - at least none that I've seen - but lots of other happy folk. Three cheers for a steady adding to the winter snow pack -- both for skiing and the summer season ahead.

Elephant Haiku 1.7.20

With similar inspirations to this week's Harts Pass... alas, the world is often on fire these days and none of the people in power seem to care to do anything about it. 

Harts Pass No. 467

Our hearts go out to the wildlife in Australia... Safe refuge to one and all wherever it can be found.