Harts Pass No. 217

For sure one of those ideas that was hard to communicate in comic form, but we make our own fun here at Harts Pass Comics, so we expect you to work at it a little bit as well :) Cheers!


Grrrace, Grrrit, and Grrrattitude at the Rocking Horse Bakery

As one of my most artistically satisfying comic strips over the past several years, Bearnica seemed to cry out for a larger format. In the waning days of summer, I finally made the leap, and you can see it now (in 3' x 6' format) as one of several new pieces hanging in Winthrop's Rocking Horse Bakery. Grrrace, Grrrit, and Grrrattitude, people. The wolverine way!


Harts Pass No. 216

Sometimes its just fun to draw cute little animals. Elementary school rocks!


Harts Pass No. 215

Dear parents,
Occasionally faced with impossible questions... sometime we punt! In a nutshell welcoming both the start of a new school year AND the start of the fall football season. Go Vikings!


Harts Pass No. 214

A little late in posting this week, but here you go. Shift that point of view now and again. Cheers!


A self portrait portfolio sample - circa 1999!

A portfolio sample from WAY back. Kind of a self portrait/studio scene. Certainly some bears in the background sketches (and even a decorated trash can) that recall my first story submission for Practically Perfect Pajamas :) While I've never really done a book with quite this much detail, there is something about it that I really love. Enjoy!