Harts Pass No. 373

PS While this comic is not exactly based on real life events, thrifty dad types who rarely visit the doctor's office BEWARE!

PPS And given the way that our country is being run of late, "crystal clear vision, but zero depth perception" might also carry weight as a political subtext...


Bear Witness Comics No. 5

If my Polar Bear Post Card Project was about optimism for something good -- the now more than ever critical plea for President Obama to have protected ANWR from oil exploration -- then the point of these Bear Witness strips is definitely to shed further light on things that are not. 

Sometimes my opinions might be one side of a perfectly healthy debate or a varied take on political opinion, but in certain other cases flat out WRONG things are happening -- and we need to hold voters and (even more so) self-interested politicians accountable. 

I've set up a separate website for these comics, so feel free share this as much as you'd like or to check in at www.bearwitnessscomics.com, but even though I'm primarily a children's book illustrator I also plan to post them here on my illustration site. 

Surely the political bent here is a little beyond the average primary or secondary elementary school student, but my intention here if nothing else is to use my art to express an opinion and to stand up for things that I believe in. Even those of you with differing political options have to appreciate and respect the value of that discourse in our society. 

We can do better. We need to do better. Back room political deals and partisan tax reform packages that affect the ENTIRE country but only benefit the few? I don't care if that the way that things are done. That is not the way to do this. GRRR!


Harts Pass No. 372

There are a lot of people in the world that could benefit from a little contemplation and humility... but there is one person in particular who needs this most of all -- and he's certainly NOT a young wolverine reveling in the early days of winter. That being said, our President is absolutely tone deaf to the needs and concerns of real people with real struggles in real communities. And so it goes. I hope that there are still pieces to pick up when our country finally comes to its senses.



Harts Pass No. 370

Definitely inspired by TOO much waiting around for things to happen. I try not to get bogged down in waiting, or reading the news, or overthinking things that are quite a bit beyond my control... but it seems to be a pretty natural thing to which we all fall victim. I do feel much better for sure when I just keep moving -- or "acting" -- or creating and don't metaphorically stare at the "buffering" for too long. Onward and upward!


Bear Witness Comics No. 3

The so called "uncertainty" is insane.

Bear Witness Comics No. 2

I'm admittedly new to the political cartooning, but "bear" with me if you will. I hope to do at least one or two of these a week, and there seems to be plenty to talk about. A rapid-fire morning here as I add things to my blog that have already landed on Instagram and Facebook. Enjoy!

Bear Witness Comics No. 1

A new series of comics for me - and this time with an intentionally political bent. It's not much really, but in some fashion similar to the Polar Bear Post Card Project, these Bear Witness strips will be a way for me to process the news of the day and to participate in the conversation.

And hopefully, somewhere in these words and pictures will be a reminder to think -- to have a respect for our fellow citizens (and bears even!) - and to take things like science, and common sense, and decency into account before making crucial decisions that effect our communities, country, and world. 

Full disclosure - after strongly considering Bear Witness comics -- as in certify, attest - provide evidence for the truth of something; or to declare - to state emphatically and authoritatively - I decided to make a title change starting with my 4th installment :) The original title, Bear in Mind comics just wasn't quite as sturdy. 


Harts Pass No. 369

The "falling back" is a little weird I'll admit -- but it definitely bothers some people on a whole different level. Bring on the dark. Bring on the snow. Winter baby! Ready to go!


Harts Pass No. 368

Posting this one a little early... and also a little late! Fun to be drawing a Halloween costumed family of wolverine super heroes (and villain) on the actual day, but it shows up in the paper today and usually online on Thursday. Alas, so it goes. Hope all the kiddos had fun trick-or-treating!


Harts Pass No. 367

The return of "Dear Melanie!" It's been years since she answered any reader mail and the time has come to get back to work. GRRR!