Harts Pass No. 351

My daughter and I were out for a run last week - and were attacked by a Goshawk! This happened to me maybe six or seven years ago and I know that the same bird has been equally aggressive with a few other friends and neighbors that have likewise accidentally ventured too close to its nest (which I still haven't actually seen BTW). At various other times I've encountered cougars, black bears and protective mother mule deer (almost as aggressive as the goshawk) but being chased through the woods by a taloned falcon is pretty much the scariest encounter of them all!

Harts Pass No. 350

Gack! My comic from last week -- to be follow shortly by the strip for 6.21. Now that summer is officially here, be sure so save some lazy days!


Harts Pass No. 349

Graduation was last week at our local high school, but the critters at Harts Pass are wise beyond their years as per usual. G'day mate!


Harts Pass No. 348

Spiders invading the house... and the Paris Climate Agreement on my mind.


Harts Pass No. 347

The weather last week was about as fickle as my ability to post. A short week ahead with State track meet coaching duties on the horizon, but Harts Pass will arrive as usual on Thursday. GRRR!


Drawn to Color: A Pacific Northwest Coloring Book!

Sasquatch Books has the final copies of Drawn to Color: A Pacific Northwest Coloring Book ready and waiting for their August 22nd release! 50 pages of coloring thrills by 20 critically acclaimed and up-and-coming PNW children's book illustrators. For children and adults, the variety of art ranges from simple to highly detailed, offering a range of coloring challenges.

PS I have two pages in here as well :)

Harts Pass No. 346

By guest cartoonist, Malloch DeSalvo! And Thor VERY much likes the idea of thinking about something... and making it come true :) Thanks so much to Malloch, Dexter, and ALL of the kid cartoonists in the 4th grade at Methow Valley Elementary!


Dino Doodle!

DINO TRACK! Track Dino? This is what happens when you help out with HS track and have 3-4 HOURS of bus rides to fill 1-2 days a week. I should post more often, but this was from last nights sub-district travel-fest :) Drawn on the iPad Pro in the Procreate App. PS: The kids ran GRRReat!


Happy Children's Book Week!

Just celebrating the week with my local bookstore here in Winthrop, WA. And while we're at it, former Methow Valley-ite Corinna Luyken will be here in two weeks to give a valley debut for her brand new BOOK OF MISTAKES!


Harts Pass No. 345

On the heels of another successful comics workshop at the local elementary school... we bring you SPRING TIME COMICS by Dexter Delaney! Guest commentary by Thor - but look out for the porcupine/wolf-with-cymbols wake-up patrol :) A big thanks to Methow Arts for bringing artists into  classrooms near and far!!

PS Stay tuned for a second guest cartoonist next week!


Harts Pass No. 344

A great writing quote, but applicable to SO many other things with regards to decision making, leadership, and perceptions of competency!


From the Archives!

OK, so for the sake of public discourse I'll politely give the "archive" designation to my mother's basement. In reality, it is/was an absolute nest of items that needed SERIOUS sorting, but there's nothing like a basement cleaning to bring family together :)

That being said, I DID uncover (and bring home for posterity - perhaps to my wife's dismay) two early writing samples: High Treason in Catfish Bend (circa 1983), and My Life in Alaska (1985), plus an old copy of Walt Disney's Tips on Animation, which might have belonged to my dad, but which served as a major source of inspiration to my younger artsy ways. Thanks mom!