Heroes abound! Meet Fast Freddy and Zach Hero

Two more entries into the North Central Library's League of Summer Reading Heroes!


Summer Reading -- On the banks of the Columbia!

Summer reading programs with the regional library took me to the banks of the Columbia River this past week -- with visits to Brewster and Bridgeport, WA. I've got several more library HEROES still waiting in the wings for their online debuts, but here is one from Brewster (both in sketch and final form) and then another from a week or two earlier in Entiat. My final visits of the summer take place next week in Wenatchee, Cashmere, Moses Lake and Mattawa, WA -- and then the family and I hit the road for a little non-work vacation time!!! Awesome tree sculptures that line the main drag in Brewster are always a pleasure to see. New entries added to the experience this year and maybe even a work or two still in progress.

And FINALLY, some quick photographic evidence of the "cartoon challenge" that has taken place throughout the summer. The number 9 -- in this case -- deftly turned into a giraffe. Keep up the great work kids!


Harts Pass No. 259

Thankfully, real wolverines don't haul around this much stuff, or have to work, or get their kits to numerous summer activities... but my parenting/people perspective does seem to slip its way into the strip every so often :) Hope that your own summer's are going Grand and definitely don't miss out on splashing in a mountain lake or two!


Harts Pass No. 258

The one-year anniversary of the start of last summer's Carleton Complex wildfire. Although extremely dry and fairly warm so far, the land is healing and the rebuilding is well underway. I haven't seen this week's edition of the Methow Valley News, but it promises to be an issue dedicated in some small way to remembering last summer's fires.


Summer Reading Heroes: Okanogan & Quincy!

The summer reading posts continue with these two fine additions to the North Central Regional Library's Legion of Heroes. Please welcome ACTION ANNA (plus her indomitable sidekick Tiny the Ladybug) and QUICK JACK, the ninja hare with the nunchuck teeth! Watch out world. Heroes on a roll!

Stay tuned tomorrow for Soap Lake, Omak, Warden, Ephrata, Chelan, and Entiat!

Harts Pass No. 257

Tips for Graceful Aging No. 1: Life might just be a little easier with four feet and a less obvious waistline.



Harts Pass No. 255

Kids at summer camp. Parents... still trying to adjust!


Summer reading rolls!

With design input from the audience, here are three more heroes for the North Central Regional Library Summer Reading Program. Six visits next week - which means six more heroes to come! And I'll get some of the kid's cartooning posted here soon well :)


NCRL Summer Reading!

The start of summer = the start of Summer Reading, and this week I kicked things off in style with visits to the Twisp, Tonasket, and Oroville branches of the North Central Regional Library system. "Every Story has a Hero" and "Unmasked!" are the season's themes, so I'll be sharing new story news, pondering the similarities between creating comics and picture books, and leading cartooning workshops this June and July. The library kids and I will also create a NCRL Hero mascot for each of the 16 branches that I visit - "YES!" 

To wit, Twisp's most excellent new Hero team: BUZZ & BUZZY!
(Stay tuned for others within a day or two of each visit - and colored versions too!)


Harts Pass No. 254

Nothing wrong with being No. 2, although an article in this week's Methow Valley News speaks to renewed public support for the reintroduction of Grizzlies (Dangerous N.A. Mammal numero Uno!) to the North Cascades. Showdown baby!