Harts Pass No. 418

"Out with the old, in with the new", etc. etc. I'm not really sure that this always works. How about a little institutional knowledge and some common goals/concerns for both the "old" and the "new." Agreed for sure that sometimes we need a fresh start -- and goodness know that I am hopeful for many "new" things to make 2019 a better year, but one thing does lead to another and perhaps an additive rather than subtractive process would be more productive and successful in the long term. But what do I know? Just sayin' #GRRR! #HappyNewYear!


Harts Pass No. 417

A little late in getting this on the blog, but Merry Christmas all!


Harts Pass No. 416

More species reintroduction to the North Cascades National Park... and Thor is doing his best impression of righteous indignation -- coupled with a complete and total lack of understanding what is really going on. Sound familiar? Another strip here that did not quite make the deadlines for the paper. Bonus for you if you follow along via the blog or on Instagram. Cheers!


Harts Pass No. 415

And my own lovely daughter IS super enthusiastic about many, many things. It's awesome! Keep it it up kiddo. Your energy and verve are contagious!


Harts Pass No. 414

There's always a Thanksgiving strip. Or at least there has been for the last eight years. True to form of late I was  a little tardy in the posting, but the strip did get done in time for the newspaper deadline! Thanks to all of you who follow the strip. I'm back on a more even keel with posting and look forward to wrapping up the year in style. GRRR!


Harts Pass No. 413

With so many other things going on I have not been keeping up the comic very well. So it goes. I  really do like making these so hopefully my sense of available time changes at least a little bit this week -- although we shall see :) No matter what, I'm very thankful this week for friends and family. And for big hugs and welcome returns after times away that are long or short or anywhere between. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!


Harts Pass No. 412

You can watch any number of videos on YouTube or read more about it in the Seattle Times, but the relocation of an "exotic" mountain goat population from Washington's Olympic peninsula to the more appropriate setting of the north cascades was one of the more fascinating things to happen this summer. About 350 goats were relocated. The others were unfortunately eliminated by other means.

PS This comic was never published in the Methow Valley News. I drew it a little late, and it seemed less appropriate to send in the following week.


Harts Pass No. 411

So I started teaching art classes at our local high school this fall... and thusly time has been slipping ever-so-quickly through my fingers! My first week of September DID very quickly become the second week of October, and so on and so fourth. The comics are coming back though. Slowly but surely!


Harts Pass No. 410

Hard to ignore the wild fire smoke right now. Both from an "I'm living here" standpoint, and from the fact that for three years running the first several weeks of our fall XC running season (coaching for my part) have been compromised by at least 3-8 days of unhealthy air quality. This is not normal. It is not acceptable. The policy makers of the world need to wake up and pull their hands out of Big Oil and corporate-interest pockets. Its not all supposed to be about money and greed. It should not be a business-first kind of world. They need to start thinking more critically and with long-term vision about the health and well fare of the American people. GRRR!