Harts Pass No. 400!!!!!!

Our 8th year anniversary here from the lofty heights at Harts Pass Comics. Progress is hard, but our wolverines keep giving it a go. Onwards and upwards. GRRR!


Harts Pass No. 399

Happy graduation class of 2018!!!!


Harts Pass No. 397 & 398

And still behind on my online posts! A little rush to catch up on other things at the end of the track season. I should be back into a more normal rhythm and flow next week.


Harts Pass No. 395 & 396

A little behind on the uploads from last week. NOT because of imminent flooding, but there have been a lot of happenings in the studio and beyond.

And this week's strip basically sums the goings on of the greater world. Things like clean energy, higher cafe standards, regulations to protect worker's rights or to prevent stupid things from happening with the banking industry... some things are just better for everyone. I mean seriously! Except of course for those very few who stand to make a lot of many from continued pillaging and abuse. Anyway, the river's up.

Until next week!


Harts Pass No. 394

WSDOT reports that the North Cascades Highway will open on Friday -- just in time for the 49er's Day Weekend here in Winthrop, WA. Always an important boon to the start of summer tourism, this open stretch of scenic highway through the heart of the north cascades is also a popular bike route -- especially in the week or so period of time when its just almost  done but not quite open to cars. The wolverines and other non-cycling members of the animal kingdom must also take a least a passing fancy to these pre-car days of open road. Enjoy! 

PS Headline news in the Seattle Times today: Breeding Wolverine Heralds Comeback in Washington's CascadesA quick story about the first documented breeding female south of 1-90. Coming soon as a topic of interest to Harts Pass Comics :)



Harts Pass No. 392

A haiku for spring -- and a public service announcement about the benefits of sunscreen to boot!


Harts Pass No. 391

Late to posting last week's comic... You can certainly appreciate this on the ground level as a fan of #collectivenouns — but it will resonate even a little more with a greater knowledge of #okanogan #okanogancountyhigh schools and #highschool #sportsObviously, I coach the #mountainlions :)


Harts Pass No. 390

Our little Kit is growing up. It’s totally great. And amazing, and fun, and presenting us with new and different parenting hurdles just like it should be... but I think she’ll stay forever read-a-story-in-your-lap-sized in the funny pages :)


Harts Pass No. 389

Spring is nice, but I feel like it IS a bit of a mixed bag. For those of us that love skiing, it's warm and sunny and thrilling in its own way when we can ski just a wee bit longer into the "shoulder season." At the same time however, it is spring after all, and the skiing can just as easily suck eggs. On the other side of the equation - for those winter haters that are desperate for sun and warm - spring is enticingly fickle. It feels warm and alluring... but it can just as equally suck eggs. And thusly, the "discontent." 

From the idea development department, "Now is the winter of our discontent" is the opening line from Shakespeare's Richard III (1592), and it actually translates with a little more context into something like: the time of unhappiness in past.  So I guess, but saying that spring is a season of discontent and dashed expectations, I'm probably using it incorrectly. Alas, so it goes. Interpret as you see fit!