Harts Pass No. 387

A beautiful sunrise here in the north cascades on Tuesday morning. It's still looking a LOT like winter, but time outside is getting warmer and a "shimmer" is starting to shine in that late afternoon sun. Onward and upward!


Harts Pass No. 386

As the comic says, a heartfelt 'thank you' to Congressman Newhouse for his endorsement of the Methow Headwater's Campaign and its tireless work to protect both the local and statewide watersheds. Official approval is now in the hands of the Department of the Interior and the Deparment of Agriculture, but the supportive letter from Newhouse and the ongoing work of many people has this effort headed in a good direction #toospecialtomine #protectthemethow #nomazamamine


Harts Pass No. 385

Click the comic to read the fine print, but amazingly enough the first experiments with photovoltaic energy conversion were taking place in 1839!!! Solar electricity and the wild west. Totally simpatico.