Harts Pass : New York City

A little cross-platform posting here, so my apologies to the fans of Harts Pass that might be seeing this twice. Thor and I, along with a several new story ideas and a shiny illustration portfolio made the long winter trip to New York City several days ago. Being hearty mountain folk, we were stoked by the 10+ inches of snow that fell on Wednesday night, and shocked many a city visitor by eschewing the fine hotel treadmill in favor of slush puddle-snowbank hopping for our daily constitutional.

"Home again, home again", I'm still riding high from excellent meetings at Sterling and Henry Holt, not to mention the words of numerous speakers at SCBWI's mid-winter Conference. The task now is to translate momentum into work. A few highlights: Sara Zarr (gave the best talk of the conference!), Rubin Pfeffer (an astute and savvy new agent - with LOTS of real-world publishing experience - now working with East West Literary Agency), and some excellent "getting to know my peers" down time with the good folks from SCWBI WWA, John Deininger, and Mainers, Russ Cox, Josh Alves, and Hazel Mitchell, and finally, SCBWI Germany representatives, Daniel Jennewien (with a nice looking new book out with Balzer & Bray) and Kristen Carlson.

Thanks to all and now back to work. GRRR!

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