Stu stu studio... oh ooh oooh!

With due respect to Phil Collins, here is a current view or two of my studio:

Also, its going to be one of those nights... With the Boo deadline looming and only so many hours left until Dec. 15th, I will be up LATEarly. I'll post a before and after shot of either me or perhaps more interestingly, a painting, for your general amusement!


Paige Keiser said...

Thanks for these pics! I love love love seeing other artist's work spaces. Yours looks so cozy. Say, what kind of set up is that with the pictures hung in a line - is that wire, with the pictures hung on with heavy duty paper clips?

erik said...

Paige, I'll send an email as well, but the line is simply yarn strung between thumbnacks. Paper clips (open about 20 degrees) hook onto the yarn and then a binder clip or two grabs the paper/hooks over the paper clip. Could probably be more high-tech but this works pretty neatly.