One of those nights: part 1

Here it goes, one of those inescapable realities (for me at least) of work as an author & illustrator: the all nighter! Part of me loves it. The family tucked soundly into bed, the dog rumbling and squeeking on the couch, the BBC awaiting at midnight, and 8 blissful hours of uninterrupted time stretching with endless potential... Sensibly enough however, I don't indulge in such practice on too regular a basis. More than most I imagine, but it can't be healthy. Deadlines light the fire however and I always need a few of these wonderful evenings to get a book project finally put to bed. Get cozy. Here we go!

I'll be working on several paintings tonight, including the one that springs from this thumbnail sketch at the right. The real deal for the evening is cover art - which usually means that I am close to finishing the book. I will add some before and after shots of that tomorrow afternoon -- after a nap ;) Have a good night...

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Paige Keiser said...

I'm very familiar with all nighters - I enjoy them a great deal but pay for it the next day when I have to function in a Zombie-like state. Can't beat the quiet (no phones ringing, no movement or sounds outside, no distractions--it's perfect!) I love the studio pic above - I wonder if I should hang up my drawings like that - seems like a good way to see if the book is flowing well. VERY nice work!