Presidential Polar Bear Post Card Project No. 302 - 12.14.16

"Send it!" 

I know that there are political reasons to consider -- delicate balances of 100 year-old established practice for executive actions vs things that might be under a microscope and undone by the President elect and/or a more "united" legislative and executive branch -- but given the legion of fossil fuel/big oil/climate skeptic folks that we've now lined up in all manner of essential places... President Obama just needs to SEND IT! Go big and slap some executive order packing-tape-bubble-wrap-steel-caged protection all over the place before he steps out of office. The new regime is going to shred it all to pieces anyway -- so they might as well give them more to shred. With more blockades and hurdles to clear, there might still be something left (maybe) in another 2-4 years when we can tip the scales back in a favorable direction. I really hate the fact that pretty much making easy money in traditional ways (once again and ALWAYS the 1% and not really anyone else) prevents us from moving creatively ahead with a clean energy economy and other decisions that could literally change the world... #wearethearctic #saveourseaice #keepitintheground

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