Freelancing at work!

If you follow this blog or are familiar with my work in any way, then you know that I pretty much specialize in children's book illustration, comic strips, and the teaching/schools visits that come about in connection to those pursuits.

Occasionally, my skills are safely tested in the realms of library promotion and summer reading materials -- but in the last year I've had several opportunities to stretch the ole' illustration and design hat a bit.

For starters, a few logo designs:
And then a stroller design commission from the good folks at SmarteCarte (AKA the rentable luggage carts that you find in airports):

And then finally, with the official publication(s) of Training for New Alpinism (March 18th), and Simple Fly Fishing (March 15th) -- both by Pategonia Books -- I can now add a more "technical" line art (for lack of a better description) to my quiver of illustration styles: 

My contributions in each instance were relatively small, but both books turned out really great under the respective design direction of Faceout Studio and Monkey C Media.

In any instance, be it children's illustration, logo design, or technical drawings, the collaborative nature of the effort is essential to the best possible end result. Thanks to all of the above for giving me the opportunity to stretch and grow in the collaborative process and cheers to all in the year ahead!

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