Merry Christmas!

I usually make a Christmas card, but I've been chasing my tail since September and this year it'll be something for New Years or maybe Valentine's Day... I hope! Thankfully, my daughter and I have started a little card making tradition of our own and collaborative projects get extra incentive -- as do the weekly comic strips :)
 Merry Christmas!


Simba said...

Hi drom Rodrigues Island,

I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas too.

Thank you for your great cartoon, love the last one, could be a goat from Rodrigues...))

I run 2 blogs, one more relatedto anials, polar bears in particular...


I have done this month sort of an Advent calender


I have hidden some of your great books (OK, I only know what could be found on the net and here..)in it.If you want you can check the surrise links connected with Surprise 17...

I really, really love your polar bears and I just wanted to say thank you.Hope that your books will one day be in our public island library, the kids here would live them a lot!

All the best for 2012


Your latest book about the feet guessing, I will present on another occasion.

theartofpuro said...

Beautiful:)Merry Xmas to you:)