Arctic Circle Comics

With my own recent comic experiments, I've had fun getting back into the groove of reading some daily strips. This was a ritual -- especially on Sundays -- for many years and is certainly one of those foundational interests that led me drawing my own characters, and becoming the artist and author that I am today. Like so many people, I especially LOVED the irreverence and imagination of Calvin & Hobbes, as well as a slightly more obscure outer space comic called Orbit (I think I have that name right?).

Anyway, last week I discovered this great little strip by Australian cartoonist Alex Hallat called Arctic Circle. It's funny and It's smart. Something that I hope to emulate in my own work both comic and otherwise.

Check out Alex's work AND please note the lovely juxtaposition of POLAR BEARS and PEGUINS that also makes this strip a winner in my book ;)



hungrydog said...

Thanks, Eric!

Erik Brooks said...

My pleasure Alex. I look forward to following Arctic Circle :)