Hannah Mueller

For Christmas, my wife and daughter totally surprised me with a Wacom tablet. I'm not (and probably never will be) ready to completely abandon traditional ink and paper, but I AM really impressed with the newfound ability to create line variation in a digital drawing. Many more experiments, and a hopefully a more uplifting New Years posting soon!

PS I do wish we'd get some real snow out here soon though...

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Colby said...

Hey Erik,
I like your comic book intro it looks great! I just tried out the pencil tool yesterday and up to then had been to busy using the brush tool, because I saw your drawing and was curious how to get my lines to look like that. It seems like the pencil's thickness is a little more sensitive to pressure while the pressure on the brush alters opacity. Anyway, hope all is well. I just bought a "flat file for life" today for $220 bucks, it was a steal on craigslist. I'm in a full on new years organizational / clean up / recycle mode for the last couple days before school begins tomorrow.