On the Drawing Board

In the final throws of my latest picturebook project. Frankly, I'm late on this one, but there's been a lot going on... I'll be sure to send a celebratory post when done is done!


Craig Orback said...

Really liking this one. Great drawing and sense of light. Good luck!

Ken Wedding said...

I love the penguin lounging on deck. I have granddaughters who will love those illustrations.

Forty-two years as a teacher, and I can't quit.

You're not in the last innings of the project ("final throws"). Although in Old English, maybe you are simply misspelling by one letter.

throe (thr) n.

2. throes A condition of agonizing struggle or trouble: a country in the throes of economic collapse.

[Middle English throwe, perhaps alteration of thrawe, from Old English thrawu, genitive of thrah, pain, affliction.]

Erik Brooks said...

Thanks for the vocab lesson Ken :) One of those "champing" vs chomping at the bit sort of things...although I am also in the final innings of this project, so perhaps it goes both ways.


Pencil Pocket said...

Good luck with the project! If this illustration is anything to go by, I'm sure it'll be a great success :)