An experiment with an experiment...

This is old hat for some of you, but on the heels of Summer Reading 2009 I've just uploaded my very first Lulu.com self-publishing experiment. Super Princess Madam Zorony lives!

Each interior page in this serial story was the result of much collaboration and creative input by kids all over north central Washington. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Once I get a few copies of my own, I plan to put them in circulation - back into the libraries from whence they came!


Craig said...

Wow thats a really cool concept. The kids must be thrilled.

I see you are presenting at the Sno-isle libraries as well. Should be fun for both of us.


Erik Brooks said...

The Summer Reading serial story project was really fun Craig. The book is icing on the cake. We'll see how it actually turns out :)

Hope the Bellingham move is smooth - or already has been - as the case might be. It seems like a good place to be.