Back to Work!

A signed copy of Boo's Surprise to the first person who identifies our photo locale!

My family and I just returned from a 10-day summer trip and we're right back in the thick of things on this fine Thursday afternoon.

I just mailed off several framed Dog Diaries pics for a September/October show at the Morris Graves Museum of Art, in Eureka, CA. These images will be shown in conjunction with the Humbolt County Author Festival, and I couldn't be happier about this return trip to northern California.

To top it off, I just learned that David Diaz is going to be there! I met David briefly at last winters' SCBWI NYC Conference, but was a little too shy (as usual) to really make his acquaintance. I'm totally cool when it comes to meeting kids, teachers, librarians etc., but put me in a room full of incredible authors n' illustrators and I shrink: "The agony!" To wit, since so many other fine folks are attending the Humbolt shindig as well, I promise to get out of my shell and make the most of it.

Signing off, I'll leave you with a proof of the Spring 2010 Cat Diaries cover. I've shown the cat image before, but the design is really coming together...

The drawing table awaits!


phil said...

pick me! pick me!

i'm gonna go with chicago's millenium park reflected in a big steel bean?

Erik Brooks said...

And we have a winnah! Nice work Phil, now point me towards the best possible international shipping address :)

Paige Keiser said...

Erik, your work here is stunning/gorgeous as usual. Congrats on your new book and continuing success! P.S. I would feel the same way too around other author/illustrators - they're probably intimidated by you as well, how about that for a catch 22? Guess we'll all never meet each other haha. :0)