Madam Zorony page 18

The action is fast and furious over here in Summer Reading land -- evil polar bears, magic zebracorns, vice-like bubbles, and the occassional weak-kneed but well meaning arrow alligator! Pages 1-18 in the Super Princess Madam Zorony serial are posted and ready for your viewing pleasure :)

I'm trying to get the kids to reign things in a bit and resolve a few plot issues, but its definitely trending towards summer action movie status. All in good fun, and not bad for about 20 minutes of brainstorming and sketching per library stop (plus about 30-45 minutes spent on the "final" art images at home).

Stay tuned for 5 additional pages on July 22 and 23. Hope that your summers are equally adventurous!

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Bruce Hale said...

Erik -- Fun idea! I love that you created the story while working with your kid collaborators.