Holy WOW!

I was packing up the artwork for DOG DIARIES last night and my daughter was drawing with the Prismacolor pencil stubs somewhere behind me. She has been recognizing forms and familiar shapes in her drawings lately and will call out "mitten", "mouse", "snake" etc. when she creates something that she knows... Last night, she crew with intent!

When I peeked, she had drawn the green shape with two little circles inside. She then "circled" those circles and called it a mask. I laughed silly. Dumbfounded by witness of this very clear "face" that she was making :)

Amazingly (to me at least) she added little brown legs and arms - both rather symetrically places on the green head. She colored in the eyes, added purple and yellow hair, and then went crazy with some extra decorations... the end result: Person with Rockets all Around. Pretty neat!


Anonymous said...

hey erik, congratulations to keeley on her recognition of form, looks like she is quiet the emerging young artist! you´ll have to frame that one and put it on the wall... ok love to you all

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing Keeley's artwork.