Good News, Blah News...

Leading with the good :) I recently confirmed that my first illustrated book of 2005, Monkey Business: Stories from Around the World was named to the New York City Public Library's Annual list: 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing. Cool!
On the down side, I also finally received a review of my September 2005 picture book, Slow Days Fast Friends... A rather flat affair from School Library Journal:

PreSchool-Grade 2–This simple story conveys several complex messages about friendship, healing, and perspective. Howard the cheetah lives life fast–until he hurts his leg. He is humbled by his injury and must move slowly, more slowly than the slowest creature, Quince the sloth. Now moving with Quince at his pace, Howard learns the joys of dew on orchids, a splendid sunrise, and of pleasures gained from watching, listening, and thinking. As time passes, his leg heals, and he takes Quince on a whirlwind tour of the joys of being fast, such as wind in their hair and running circles around everything that moves. In the end, they achieve a balance together. The color cartoon illustrations, full of expressive animal faces, prettify the jungle animals and give a sense of the wilds of Africa as neat and clean. This quiet story is an additional purchase.
–JoAnn Jonas, Chula Vista Public Library, San Diego, CA

Cest la vie. They didn't really rip me to shreds, but it could have been better. Howard and Quince deserve much better. I would dare to suggest that this is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED title for any school or libray collection. Slow Days Rock!!!

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Paige Keiser said...

I thought that was a good review Erik! i wouldn't put it in the "flat" catorgory in the least. I was reading a library journal review of one of my fav illustrators earlier books, and they described the artist's work as flat and uninteresting. OUCH :0( Now THAT'S a review to be unhappy about.