Like Quicksand...

I once heard an author reference the period of time just after publishing a new book as " dancing on quicksand". I must say, totally true! On the one hand, I am always very excited to have a new book out there - first, third - whatever, energy and excitement are in great supply. I want to get it into the hands of as many people as possible! For several months leading up to release, I ponder promo ideas (IE this BLOG), schedule book readings, and practice my "talk" about the new book from every possible angle. The book arrives, and all of that kinetic energy pours fourth -- rather quickly... Somehow, the first weeks and months of a book's release never quite measure up to my visions. I'm no "big ticket" by any means, but I do feel good about my work and want to see it soar. Unfortunatley, the "dancing" and elation can so easily turn to slogging about and stagnation -- flinging your newest book towards too distant a limelight. It is so easy to get lost in that - to drown in expectations and bog down completely. Thusly, a reminder to myself: This work -- like so many others -- is about persistance and patience. Develope the ideas, work hard at the craft. Keep focus on the books -- the stories and the telling -- and perhaps, with a little luck your work will find its way into a reader's hands. x

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