A few reviews!

Did Fleming RESUCE Churchill? has been getting some nice coverage of late. Everyone love's Mr. Giblin's timely treatment of the research issues in the internet age. Personally, I couldn't agree more :)

Contending With Culture - Rob Shearer, Francis Schaeffer Study Center, Mt. Juliet, TN



For an upcoming SCBWI event, we were asked to ponder on an ideal super power... thus, the "Power of the Persuasive Pinky". I know, I should get out more...

And then there's this recent gem:
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Fan Art... and REVOLUTION!

I may have gotten a raw deal in the publisher department of my first book, but at least Percy and his fabulous pajamas still have a lot of fans! I love the bear drawings. Keep em' coming!

...and maybe someday I'll be able to make my case for taking this book to another publisher!

HOLD ON... That's a GREAT idea! Send any additional artwork and your very own Practically Perfect Liberation Ideas to:

PO Box 731
Winthrop, WA 98862

We'll do this grassroots-style for the internet age!


SCBWI Western WA is...Superlative!

To honor a terrific and inspiring weekend of children's book, authors, illustrators, agents, publishers, and librarians... I did this intense little drawing of an angry looking kid??

I'm also going to up the volume on my "spare time" drawing efforts :) I love the work that I'm doing, but I'm currently addicted to a heavier brushstroke-darker-printmakier sort of drawing. Here's to a lifetime of experimentation -- a constant search for superlative -- to throw out one of Mo Willems' words of the weekend. I also liked his "philosophy" for treating the finished book like the work of art -- the sculpture -- and all of the various drawings along the way -- even the finals images -- like just so many shavings of wood. Less in-love with individual drawings. The sum is greater than its parts...

Really, a great conference. From picturebooker Mr. Willems to YA rabble rouser Chris Crutcher, there were many humorous and insightful speakers. I especially enjoyed seeing/hearing Arthur Levine and Librarian Bloggeratti Elizabeth Bird (AKA Fuse # 8) in action -- and Marcia Wernick of the Sheldon Fogelman Agency has me seriously considering the value of such a partnership.

The icing on the cake was a successful effort to emerge from my typical conference bubble -- and to actually talk to people! Usually, when I'm not presenting, I retreat and observe. This time around I did a better job of saying 'hello' and meeting some folks. Not going bonkers mind you, I think I spoke to 3 people at the wine and cheese "social", but way better than usual. Chats with Laini Taylor, Jim Di Bartolo, David Hohn, and Paul Schmid make the shortlist of highlights. A special nod to Simn & Schuster art director Laurent Linn (who I've now met in person - yay!) for the extended conversations beyond our dummy consultation, and to Dial editor Jessica Garrison for the improptu portfolio chat. Thanks to all!