Harts Pass No. 703

Yep. The weather and politics. So often what we talk about... I truly hope, for the sake of my daughter and the kids that I teach, that this country can find its Democratic soul again and stop with all of yelling and screaming about stuff. I mean it's always been that to a certain degree - albeit now QUITE a bit less civil or veiled - but people who have chosen to govern should realize that they serve an entire COUNTRY of people - human beings from all walks of life. We need to talk about solutions. We need to talk about money for those solutions. The corporations and the money-makers will be fine.



Harts Pass No. 702

It's summer in the Methow and water is a HUGE part of what makes any of this work! July (and especially August) are FAR from my favorite seasons in this place, but the rivers and lakes make it bearable -- not to mention their impact on agriculture and fish and all of that jazz :) 


Harts Pass No. 701

Happy Fourth of July! The stream of cars over the mountains in the last few days was unsettling but predictable. Enjoy the woods. Be nice. 100% no fires please!


Harts Pass No. 700

It is curious, I think, that SO many people seem to have opinions about these reclusive mega fauna. Sure, it will be an adjustment to our normal way of jaunting off into the woods if/when a reintroduction of Grizzly bears should ever take place, but as is true of so many other things as well, most people's opinions on something like a new world of Grizzlies in the woods are supremely under-informed. GRRR!


Harts Pass No. 699

On the cusp of 700 comics!!! so perhaps this one is just about the grand idea that you just never know WHAT might happen if you give it half a chance :) And on a second note, I'm super happy to have entered my first full week of summer break. A few more clean-up things to do at school, but a summer of more art, comics, and time in the woods awaits.



Harts Pass No. 692

I can say this now, but there is something about this comic where I was trying to express the constant juggle of teaching and coaching and making art. I am, after MANY years of coaching, removing that hat and giving my chance a self to refocus again on my art and writing. I will miss coaching immensely -- just like I have missed having a little more time for art over the last 6+ years since I started teachings. Onwards and upward! 


Harts Pass No. 570


#haikucomics - again :) I love this form if you can't already tell. And in the spirit of New Year's resolutions, we DO have a LOT to decide about how we move ahead. I can't say that I'm entirely optimistic... but all I can do is chart my own path and hope that others see something positive (and reciprocate) regarding the actions that I take. Thank you 2022 and Happy New Year!


Harts Pass No. 559

Another #haikucomic with some double-down on the thrill of getting to have our kiddo home again for over a month! Merry Christmas to all!


Harts Pass No. 568

TOTALLY stolen - in a way - from all of those incredible Calvin & Hobbes strips with all of the snowmen. It's my own version of course, and my daughter and I DID get to do a little teamwork shoveling of the driveway this week. Let it snow!



Harts Pass No. 567

This was an idea that almost made it -- a not-quite-finished Christmas ornament with Kit. Perhaps I will revisit this at some future date. The folding and the shape work... I just needed to start it earlier so that it actually got completed by the deadline. Alas :(